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Recommended Committee Size: 2 people

Date of event: Fall and Spring
Details: This committee will be responsible to coordinate with Ms. Wallace (the Librarian) and Scholastic Books to schedule and host the Book Fair during two different weeks of the school year. This committee will be responsible to recruit volunteers to “work” at the event or help with set-up and tear down. 
Notes from last year: This event relies on assistance and space from Mrs. Wallace so we split the proceeds with the library and the VPO, however most working hours are provided by the VPO so several volunteers will be required. Volunteers for this event must meet the PSD requirements because the event happens inside school. 








Recommended Committee Size: 1-2 People

Date of event: First Day of school – Grades 1-5; – First Friday of First Week –  Kindergarten

Budget: $150

Details: This committee plans and completes advertising for a parent meet-up which occurs directly after school drop off on both “first” days of school, including securing a location, providing breakfast items and coffee, or scheduling a vendor truck.
The time commitment for this committee is minimal and occurs during the first week of school.

Notes from last year: Last year’s event was a scramble because our organization was still very new and we were operating under strict Covid protocols. We hosted both meet-up days outside in the parking lot of the Tom Taylor YMCA. At the event Mr. Brooks and the VPO President gave brief speeches but it was primarily for socializing. We passed out flyers detailing our upcoming meeting dates + contact information and asked for parent feedback regarding optimal meeting times. 
We recommend scheduling the event inside the Swift Water Community Room and offering something small like donut holes or cookies and coffee with VPO information displayed multiple ways to accommodate people who stop by. Some people will stay and chat, some people may just have a few minutes to grab a coffee on their way to work. We want these events to be welcoming and supportive to everyone.

Picture from Grades 1-5 First Day of School
Picture of Kindergarten announcement







Recommended Committee Size: 1-6 members based on the fundraiser

Date of event: A fundraiser before Winter Break and one in the spring. Ultimately we would like to run a spring auction. We understand that this is a large undertaking, so it is only possible if we have parents willing to do the bulk of the planning.

Budget: Cost of flyers and advertising 

Time Commitment: Based on the type of fundraiser will determine the commitment. A fundraiser where items are sold is minimal to moderate commitment, whereas an auction will be a longer and larger commitment.

Details: The only fundraiser we ran last year was a “No-athon”. We chose this fundraiser based on feedback from parents who chose to complete a survey we sent out at the beginning of the 21-22 school year. By the end of the year, we had feedback from more parents. Some liked this and some did not. Some parents just want to give money and some would like to purchase items. We would like to see more fundraisers this year that can meet the needs of most of our families. Some ideas that were given by parents were wreaths sales for December, Art to Remember, an auction. More selling options. One of the biggest fundraisers for Discovery is their Spell-a-thon. 

Notes from last year: The “No-athon” did well, but did not satisfy different families in our community. We strive to be inclusive, so we would like to offer a variety of fundraisers.







Recommended Committee Size:  1-2 Co-chairs

Date of event: The date will be based around what movies are available and Galaxy Theatre Availability

Budget: This will be a fundraiser, the cost of tickets will still be under the regular ticket price.

Details: Plan a movie night for the families of Swift Water Elementary. Choose an age appropriate movie and date. Advertise for the movie night and keep track of ticket sales. Determine a convenient “check in” process at the theater for families who purchased tickets.
Commitment to this committee is minimal. 

Notes from last year: This was a free social event last year. We found that it ended up not working well because we rented the theaters with VPO funds and were limited on how many seats we could purchase. Based on the feedback from parents, we feel this might work better as a fundraiser. It is important to note that we are allowed to run a brief slideshow before the movie–This is a great way to thank sponsors and advertise upcoming events.
One consideration would be to change movie nights to on-campus events.







Recommended Committee Size: 1-3 people to organize the event
Additional volunteers will be recruited to host a trunk

Date of event: An evening in October

Budget: $2000 for decorations and candy

Details: This committee plans the Halloween event for the school. The available options will be subject to covid restrictions during this time. Available ideas are a drive-thru event, a trunk or treat or a carnival style event. The time commitment to organize this event is moderate.

Notes from last year: Due to covid restrictions, the 2021-22 events was a Boo-thru. It was a drive-thru event held in Swift Water Elementaries parking lot. We had to get a permit from the city to use the parking lot. We spread out cars through the parking lot and volunteers decorated their cars and handed out candy. The Kids Dentist sponsored the goodie bags given out by the VPO. To keep costs low on candy, we had a candy monster donation bin placed in the school that students could “feed”.  This worked very well. 

Video from Boo Thru Event






Recommended Committee Size: 2 Co-Chairs
Additional volunteers as needed

Date of event: TBD


Details: Host a student entrepreneurial market held in the Swift Water cafeteria space or Community Room where students can sell items at their own booths. There is a lot of freedom in how to make this activity work, ideally it would tie into some lesson plans for older grades. 

Notes from last year: This event did not occur last year.





Recommended Committee Size:  1 chair

Date of Event: Beginning of June

Budget: $150+

Details: This person would work with Ms. Abel to make sure that we have the items we need to hand out at the parade and assist with any “float” or display ideas.
The time commitment is minimal

Notes from last year: We purchased six Costco sized bags of candy and ran out about ⅓ of the way through the parade route. We recommend purchasing at least 10 bags and having a refill point midway through the parade route.






Recommended Committee Size:  1-3 co-chairs
Additional volunteers may be requested

Potential Teacher Partner: Ms. Wallace

Date of Event: TBD: In the past this has been done in the spring and starts on Read Across America Day. We have also seen this event run in the fall.  The event runs for 4 weeks. 
Time commitment is moderate to high. Most of the work is done from home so can be done at your convenience.

Budget: $1000

Details: This person would work with Ms. Wallace. She has some great ideas that would add to the way this was run in the past. This committee would be in charge of designing the tracking forms, keeping track of the minutes, coming up with the tiered prizes and putting those prize packs together. In the past we have also done weekly drawings, prize for the most minutes read by grade, and prizes for the most minutes read by individual students.  

Notes from last year: A certificate was given to each student who participated, which was a great touch! This is the first year that this was done and Mr. Brooks appreciated that.







Recommended Committee Size: 2 people

Date of event: Year-round


Details: This committee will serve as the main point of contact between the VPO and all room parents/leaders. This committee will share ideas and suggestions with room parents for how to best support the teachers throughout the school year and communicate any VPO notifications that need to be distributed to families. 
The commitment for this committee is year-round and requires monthly action.

Notes from last year: Last year this committee did not exist but it is a priority to get filled with co-chairs who are enthusiastic about the role. This committee will be leading the room parents throughout the year so co-chairs should be comfortable building new relationships and encouraging room parents to engage class parents for the benefit of the teacher and students. There is a requirement that committee chairs will communicate directly with room parents once a month to pass along seasonal ideas and VPO announcements. 
Additional duties include:

  • Recruit and keep track of all room parents for every teacher
  • Edit (if necessary) and distribute the Room Parent guidebook to all room parents
  • Share ideas and recommendations for how room parents can be effective in their role
  • Must have volunteer paperwork turned in







Recommended Committee Size: 2-4 co-chairs
Donations and volunteers for set-up/clean-up will be solicited as needed.

Date of event: Year round


Details: Committee will work together to determine a plan and budget for celebrating teachers and staff on their nationally recognized days and during the Peninsula School District’s recognition weeks. Committee will arrange monthly donations to stock the break room with beverages and treats for staff.

Calendar of Events: 

  • Custodian (Oct)
  • Principal (Oct-month, May-day)
  • Bus Driver (Feb)
  • School Counselor (Feb)
  • Librarian (April)
  • Paraeducators (April)
  • Secretaries (April)
  • Volunteer Recognition (April)
  • Lunchroom (May)
  • Nurse (May) 
  • Teachers (May)

The time commitment for this committee is year round and work-heavy depending on how many co-chairs and volunteers are utilized. 

Notes from last year: In 2021-22 the VPO attempted to celebrate teachers and staff members during their nationally recognized days, during the PSD recognition week, on Valentine’s Day, and during conference week (by providing conference meals). Additionally, each month the break room was stocked with treats and beverages donated by parents.
Recommendations for the 2022-23 committee are to establish a standard and plan of action early, consider dividing tasks up among 2-4 co-chairs, then recruit committee volunteers for each area of focus to make the workload more manageable.
Some examples from 20221-22:

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
Monthly break room treats
Appreciation days









Recommended Committee Size:  1-4 Co-Chairs
Volunteers as needed based on what is planned for the night

Date of event: TBD, we will have to find a time with the school calendar that works and doesn’t conflict with other events

Budget: TBD, this is the first time this event is happening for Swift Water

Potential Teacher Partner: Mrs. LeTellier

Details: This event hasn’t happened before due to covid restrictions. You’ll have the ability to create an event from scratch.





Recommended Committee Size: 1-2 People

Date of event: Spring

Teacher Partner: Mr. Wilson 

Budget: $25 for envelopes, labels, printing 

Details: This committee works with the Rainiers group sales representative to choose a date for the group event and carries out the advertising, ticket sales and distribution, seating arrangements, and communication with families. The music teacher has input on the date scheduled in hopes that the school choir can perform the National Anthem at the game. 
Time commitment for this committee is minimal.

Notes from last year: During the 2021-22 school year we did not have a school choir able to perform at the baseball game so we chose an evening that coincided with the fireworks display. We were unsure about the interest level by Swift Water families so we reserved 50 tickets but ended up selling 263. 
Ticket cost was $15 (ticket and meal) and $20 (ticket, meal, and promo hat). We sold the tickets online through a WooCommerce page on our website for $16 and $21 respectively to make up for the sales processing fees charged by Stripe for online orders. Other schools in PSD use this as a fundraiser and sell tickets with $5 markups.
This project was handled by one person in 2021-22 and only took a few hours of time. Online order information was exported to make labels. Seating assignment was created in order of purchase date, then by number of seats purchased that fit each row. Tickets were sealed in an envelope with further instructions regarding Cheney stadium, then distributed to teachers to add to student’s daily folders. 

Pictures from the 2021-22 Rainiers event










Recommended Committee Size: 1-2 people

Date of event: Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Details: International Walk to School Day is celebrated every year and we would like Swift Water to host an event to encourage and celebrate the walkability of our school and community. This is a one day event and as it will be our first time planning for Walk to School Day, the committee will have freedom to decide which direction to take while planning. 
The commitment for this committee is minimal.

Notes from last year: Last year due to delays in approvals we decided to postpone the event for 2022-23. Thankfully our community is very walker and biker friendly but we want to make this day extra fun and special.
Here are some ideas we discussed last year:

  • Have music playing outside the school during the morning while students arrive.
  • Have a balloon arch or balloon columns.
  • Set up designated meeting points and one departure time so families can walk in a large group.
  • Consider having assigned adults (wearing safety vests) at the meeting points willing to guide students who may not get to walk to school on a regular basis (similar to the idea of a walking school bus).
  • Ask teachers or staff members to be “special guests” at the meeting points and walk with the group.
  • Provide a small reward for everyone who walked to school: bracelet/cutie clementine/donut hole/sticker/seal-slip/pencil/raffle ticket for a swift water spirit wear item…
  • Provide coffee/tea and biscotti in the Community Room for parents who also walk to school and allow them a brief time to socialize and learn more about the VPO







Recommended Committee Size:  1-4 Co-Chairs

Date of event: TBD

Budget: TBD

Details: We would like to plan an event that coincides with what the school has going on in their calendar.  This event is going to be created completely from scratch, or from ideas that other schools/school organizations have done.
The time commitment is moderate. 

Notes from last year:  Due to covid restrictions, we were not able to plan a winter event because we could not host it in doors.






Recommended Committee Size: 2 co-chairs; 1 extra volunteer

Date of event: Year-round with a bulk of work being completed in May

Budget: $0 to spend – This project actually serves as a small fundraiser for the VPO

Details: This committee is responsible for the collection of photos and creation of the Swift Water Elementary yearbook. 
The time commitment for this committee is moderate with a bulk of the work being completed in May as the publishing deadline approaches.

Notes from last year: This project was started late during the 2021-22 school year partly due to vendor issues with LifeTouch. Once the committee contacted TreeRing they were able to complete the yearbook in a matter of weeks from start to finish.
It is recommended for the committee to establish relationships with the teachers early and provide a framework for what type of pictures to collect during the school year to make the page creation process easier in May. 
Task include: Contacting teachers and staff to collect pictures for grade level/club/specialist/activity pages, working with main office staff to collect LifeTouch photos of teachers/staff/students, working with VPO to advertise sales deadlines, ordering the sales pages provided by the yearbook company in April for distribution in May, coordinating distribution of yearbooks once they arrive.








Recommended Committee Size: 2 co-chairs
Date of event: All year
Budget: Cost of advertising
Details: This person or group would be responsible for reaching out to businesses in our area to build relationships. This would include getting donations/sponsorships of money from local businesses. Getting donations for giveaways at different events or potential auction items if we are able to host one. Other committees would work with you if they need stuff from the community. This group would potentially schedule business “takeover” events.
Time Commitment is moderate. 
Notes from last year:  This was not an available committee last year. We did offer sponsorship to businesses, but due to covid restrictions still in place we had a difficult time reaching out to businesses outside of our Swift Water Community. We were able to have the Kids Dentist donate items for the goodie bags at the end of the Boo-Thru and they were very happy to help with this.

Recommended Committee Size:  2 co-chairs
Donations and volunteers for set-up/clean-up will be solicited as needed.

Date of event: Conference weeks in October and March


Details: Co-chairs will work together to request meal donations from local businesses or the Swift Water community to provide at least one meal for staff and teachers during the weeks of school conferences. 
Co-chairs will make arrangements for the meals and request item donations or volunteer participation for set-up or clean-up as needed.
This time commitment for this committee is minimal.

Notes from last year: In past years schools have often relied on parent donations of cooked items for group meals but we anticipate post-Covid people may continue to prefer professionally prepared meals.
In 2021-22 the committee chair was able to secure pizza and salad donations from Mod Pizza for one event and a combination of Jimmie John’s and Pita Pit sandwiches and wraps provided for the second event. Dessert and beverages were donated by families for both events via a sign-up genius form.
Tasks include calling to local businesses to request donations or discounted meals, arranging pick up or delivery of the meals, requesting parent donations for beverages or dessert (often through sign-up genius), light decorating (table cloths, signs, flowers, arranging the items for easy access…), requesting any help for set-up or clean-up (often through a sign-up genius), writing a Thank You card to the business who donated or discounted the meal, communicating details, schedule, and list of contributors to the VPO, and capturing images of the meal displayed or volunteers helping (these may be shared online or in the yearbook).

Picture of 2021-22 event

Recommended Committee Size:  1-2

Date of event: The last Friday of school in June

Teacher Partner: Ms. Waage

Budget: $150

Details: This is a school run event. The VPO provides the funding for the popsicles and any other potential supplies that may be needed. The school takes care of the volunteers. The committee for this would be at the event to help set up and clean up and aid at any station where help is needed or a volunteer didn’t come. 

Notes from last year: The budget for the first year was bigger because we had to purchase initial supplies. Will update after we have our first field day.