The Swift Water VPO

As the Volunteer Parent Organization (VPO) of Swift Water Elementary School we are dedicated to building an inclusive community of parents and guardians to support our students and teachers as they learn about and practice our school’s values: kindness, empathy, creativity, a growth mindset, courage, curiosity, collaboration, and resiliency.

We exist for four main reasons:

  • Build a community of parents and guardians who can help and support one another
  • Raise funds to provide VPO led events and activities for our Seals and their families
  • Raise funds to provide Swift Water Elementary equipment, classroom supplies, enrichment activities for our kids whilst at school
  • Ensure events are held that are inclusive and enable participation from our Swift Water community

This level of support would not be possible without the dedication and efforts of the parents and guardians of Swift Water students. Every contribution of time, talent, and resources helps make our school a better place for students to learn and grow. There are many ways to be involved and we would love to have you join us!


We were formed in 2021 when the school opened, and decided to become a VPO rather than a PTA so we did not have to collect membership fees from families.

We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

Mission Statement

To create a welcoming inclusive organization of inspired volunteers who will support and empower students and the Swift Water community

Swift Water VPO Board

The Board is made up of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Communications Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator.

The Board is re-elected every school year.

The current Board:

Sarita Smith – President, 

Stephanie Guimont – Vice President, 

Shannon Clute – Secretary, 

Jennifer Fletcher – Treasurer, 

Ruth MacIntyre – Communications Coordinator, 

Amanda LaShells – Volunteer Coordinator.